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Give us a call at (937) 767-7211 30-45 minutes in advance and you will be added to our first come first serve wait list and will be seated ASAP.

Dinner Reservation for 5 or more still available! For smaller parties we offer call ahead seating.

259 Xenia Ave., Yellow Springs, OH 937-767-7211

At our cozy little Sunrise Café in Yellow Springs, OH we believe in good people, good energy and good food, especially locally produced and organic food prepared from scratch, by hand and with love.

We do not own a deepfryer or a microwave because we care deeply about the wholesome food we serve and the good of the planet. Many vegan and vegetarian options are available for all three meals. So whether it may be breakfast, lunch or dinner we are sure you will enjoy your visit!

MON  7:30AM-2PM  5PM-9PM 
WED 7:30AM-2PM  5PM-9PM 
THU 7:30AM-2PM  5PM-9PM 
FRI 7:30AM-2PM  5PM-9PM
SAT 8:00AM-2PM 5PM-9PM 
SUN 8:00AM-2PM 5PM-9PM 

This Week's Specials — served with house bread and choice of soup or salad

Chicken Mole Enchiladas with Southwest-Asparagus Pilaf – Local organic chicken is braised and shredded in our heavenly complex mole sauce. Then wrapped in corn tortillas topped with more sauce and Blue Jacket Dairy aged cheddar cheese. Served on a bed of pilaf with local organic asparagus, onions, peppers, garlic and love. $17.99

Wild Salmon with Truffle-Honey-Mustard Glaze, Grilled Asparagus and Goat Cheese Risotto – A wild Alaskan salmon filet is grilled until about medium and glazed with our mix of local honey, organic stoneground mustard and white truffle oil. Served with grilled local organic asparagus and our creamy risotto infused with Blue Jacket Dairy goat cheese and chives. $22.99

(v) Tofu, Potatoes and Asparagus in Saffron Broth – This bright, aromatic hearty spring soup starts with an exquisite broth of lemon, aromatics and an ample pinch of saffron for simmering of organic tofu, local potatoes and fresh asparagus. Garnished with a truffle oil crouton. $15.29

Meatloaf Wednesday!!
Back by popular demand our embellished house meatloaf will be available on Wednesdays only!

A Far Cry From Grandma's Meatloaf This one has a story behind it. I spent 4 depressing years sweating away in a country style restaurant, microwaving meatloaf and slapping gravy on it until I swore never to make or even look at meatloaf again. Well its time to conquer that mountain! Here we grind our own wagyu sirloin to be mixed with local organic lamb and pork, a reduction of shallots and red wine, truffle oil, house made organic bread crumbs, local organic eggs, spices and fresh herbs then poached in Amish butter (no pre baking and microwaving here) topped with caramelized onions deglazed with red wine vinegar (you know instead of ketchup) served with mashed potatoes and seasonal veggie then finished with a creamy reduction of mushrooms and port wine. $17